Imperative Initiative for Motivation of Global Care (IIMGC). IIMGC is a human right, humanitarian response and empowerment Non-Governmental Organization that is registered in Nigeria with special interests in the vulnerable population, health, education and socio-economic empowerment.

The organization has a retinue of well-trained volunteer personnel with core competencies in the afore-mentioned areas and with past experiences therein. We perform a vast array of humanitarian services through our competent coalition partners known as SEEDS Coalition, created by IIMGC. We organize and partner with reliable NGOs/CBOs to provide a more economical yet innovative strategy on projects from start to finish. Members connect, learn, and accomplish shared goals for the public good and personal development. We offer opportunities for our partners to learn about potential community needs. Together we develop strategic skills and collaborate to developed solutions. We believe in teamwork because we can achieve more towards a common vision.

How We Contribute

IIMGC believes in sustainability hence all our programs are geared towards a holistic approach to interventions after ascertaining particular needs. Since poverty and factors bringing it about are interrelated and most times are interwoven, solving just a particular problem is not enough but attacking the root of the problem before it spreads its ugly tentacles on the general well-being of the society. Poverty, if not widely and systematically curbed, normally spills into other aspects of life sometimes rendering a particular intervention useless.

Having explored in trajectory the devastating effects of poverty in Africa, especially in regions were majority are living in ZERO dollars (Internally Displaced Person IDPs) the unlucky few live on less than $1 Dollar per day. In recent findings, poverty has a horrifying effect on social values, after a long while the resultant effect is people begin to perceive poverty as a norm or way of life. No wonder Peter Singer said “Poverty affects social development factors, such as education, infrastructure, technology, security, and economics across the globe. Furthermore “Extreme poverty is not only a condition of unsatisfied material needs. It is often accompanied by a degrading state of powerlessness.

As a result, IIMGCs approach is to end poverty-related crisis such as hunger and health cases through strategic approaches and certified methods using the eight (8) key multi-facet sustainable methods developed by IIMGC.

Due to the complexity of poverty and it's mutating effect, the transferring nature of poverty in our society factors in the need to deal with it in a holistic approach. However, we contribute or render our services to humanity we do not fail to understand the complexity of our societal needs and deficiencies. Exploring additional means that will enhance this program is required that is why we congregate, analyze each element with its factors and characteristics of mutation. Thus; we came across the simplicity, yet the catastrophic nature of poverty. This informs our drive to sensitize the underserved vulnerable crisis and poverty affected communities especially communities with high rate illiteracy and health crisis as a result of poverty in adult and children.

These have given rise to the need to also sensitize and integrate them in our sustainable investment scheme, so they don’t continue to rely on emergency and crisis coping strategies for sustenance.

In the light of this, there is the imperativeness to widen the frontier to include economic empowerment to augment the health care provider to combat challenges and ensure a holistic inclusion of women voices, children with disability and children’s right to education.

We have a sustainable approach to all our projects and businesses which will continue to yield profits and improve lives sustainably. Our value chain plans are aimed at a profitable strategic growth platform, thereby giving our beneficiaries long-term sustainable investments which will be handled and monitored by our marketing boards designed to promote crops, product, export and investments schemes.


To establish and promote a medium to advocate human right and to foster unity, development. To promote the inclusion of women voices at all levels of policy-making, bringing peace, sustainable development in local communities and the world at large which will curb, eradicate poverty, war and neglect of the people's right.

The overarching goal of our projects is to strengthen and sustain the capacity of the beneficiaries in order to increase household income, sound health, economic security and employment opportunities. Towards the achievement of this goal, the project’s purpose is to develop, refine a clearly articulated process for identifying representatives and assessing their strength’s, capacity and resources, and subsequently developing a partnership intervention that effectively integrates financial or non-financial services into existing programs. The development of a defined process, drawing on the experiences and lessons learned from the previous and successful project. If you like what we do support or join our cause, become a member or donate to support our work.

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In order to make an offline donation we ask that you please follow these instructions:

  1. Make a check payable to Imperative Initiative For Motivation Of Global Care
  2. On the memo line of the check, please indicate that the donation is for Imperative Initiative For Motivation Of Global Care.
  3. and mail a copy of your check to Imperative Initiative For Motivation Of Global Care-IIMGC

Address: No. IIMGC Country Address-Suite 307A, DBM Plaza, Opposite, First Forty Hotel, by Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja, Nigeria, zip code-900288.

Once confirmed we will contact you and guide on the donation procedures.

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Imperative Initiative For Motivation of Global Care-IIMGC
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Branch Code: 033083683
Bank Name: United Bank For Africa (UBA) PLC

All contributions will be gratefully acknowledged and are tax deductible.

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