About GIAF Framework

February 27, 2017
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Snakebite Horror, is Climate Change Responsible..
April 11, 2017

Global Impact Africa Framework (GIAF) was initiated with the aim to engage global leaders as well as regional authorities in addressing economic crisis, human rights, food security, the threat of climate change and reinforce the urgency to find lasting solutions to all. GIAF shall continue to organize and maintain transparency and sustainability in all manners related to its activities and shall seek the funding sources to support implementation of the above mentioned activities. IIMGC shall engage in organizing summits, seminars, forum and conferences for the purposes of the above mentions GIAF framework. IIMGC engages communities’ investment actors to stimulate the open market as well as using the marketing boards in partnership with communities, investors and stakeholder etc.

 For example the agricultural department shall produce food crops and livestock which includes but not limited to orange, frozen chicken, snail, mushroom, potatoes, beans, soybeans, yams, rice, diaries etc. The health sector shall produce healthy nutritional packaged fruits, nuts, vegetables as well as water bottling business, which includes but not limited to juice and beverages etc.

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