Empowerment Training Aid for Women (ETRAW)

Water Sanitation / Hygene (WASH)
September 15, 2015
Micro-credit for Women Small-Scale Farmer & Petty-traders (MCWSSFPT)
October 27, 2015

Akunnaya Ezeuchegbu, Women Group Leader, September 2015

The aim is to facilitate and to allow actual and potential vulnerable women to find viable alternative options to make a decent living. IIMGC offer programs that creates opportunities for individual growth and empowerment through micro-lending and entrepreneurial program. Local women are trained to be better equipped and energized to make a difference in their respective communities. IIMGC has successfully trained women, young girls and youths on empowerment entrepreneurial training. The program seeks to empower participants by developing their leadership potential and improve their livelihood.

Program Objectives

  • Ability to work in group
  • Overcome vulnerability
  • Income generating purposes
  • Leadership and inclusion


Without women participating in the decision making process we suffer the loss of their input and half of Humanity is being left out.


Women’s participation in important decision making is both valuable and transforming.

Leadership skills:

Participants will identify and develop their unique leadership characteristics.


The Program allows women to take a step forward in their personal and professional growth, acquiring a transformative vision of their role, deepening their knowledge on female leadership and empowerment.

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