IIMGC Pays Tribute to Humanity by Impacting in Peoples Lives

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April 11, 2017
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May 28, 2017
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@IIMGCNonprofit Impacting our World.

IIMGC seeks to empower individuals and groups of people by providing them with the skills they need to effect changes in their own communities. Our approach is simple and straight to the point.

We are committed to help children in need, in short, homeless mothers and children need everything we take for granted, and they need it everyday!.

However different we may appear, there is far more that unites us than divides us and we are here to find a common ground so that we may help bring a new dawn for women and children. We shall help give mother and child the chance to enjoy basic human rights and to participate fully in their various positions. It is also a coming together, much the way women come together every day in every country. We come together in farm fields and factories, in the kitchen, village market, shopping malls, supermarkets, living rooms and board rooms. Whether it is while playing with our children in the park, or washing clothes in a river, while taking a break at the office, or over lunch, we come together and talk about our aspirations and concerns. And time again, our talk turns to our children and our families needs and how we are unable/able to meet up to their dreams. In most cases, often, women sacrifice their entire life for their family sake.

World over, women who truly care for their children, husband and relative can give up their own dreams just to fulfill their families dreams even if it is a false dream.


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