Micro-credit for Women Small-Scale Farmer & Petty-traders (MCWSSFPT)
October 27, 2015
Child’s Right to Education, Inclusion & Poverty Alleviation (CREIPA)
February 27, 2017

She stood on the front line and lead the way for her family’s survival. She is ready to die for their sake and that takes a mother’s heart!!!.

Sustainable Development Scheme intends to give hope, life and freedom to the helpless & hopeless in every undeserved community. The future is in our hands and the time has come to do the right thing.



About SDS Projects

IIMGC is embarking on a $2 Billion Sustainable Development Scheme (SDS) project with National Agency for Science And Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) for a Humanitarian Socioo-economic Investment Project (HUMSEIP) on Agro-micro credit, Solar Energy empowerment, Cottage factory-installations & management, SMEs training, Methane Gas, Ethanol production, Water, Engineering ,Agricultural research, exports of agricultural produce, Manufacturing and Development empowerment for Six (6) Geopolitical zones in Nigeria.

IIMGC is now inviting international Investors, Multinational Companies, Pharmaceutical Companies, ICT firms, Foreign international Banks, international Non-profit and for profit Organizations from all over the world who are interested to partner with us through this project.

All participants will be given a chance to bring his/her own idea on how we can meet the Global Socio-Economic & Social Challenges to meet with the National mandate across all sectors to meet up with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and IIMGCs Sustainable Development Scheme (SDS).

IIMGC plans to organize Investors to meet with relevant authorities at the highest level in government as long as they have a credible investment project that will create many jobs and improve economy on all sides of both parties.

There also exist a scheme where commissions are given for facilitation to any individual, organization or NGO/CBOs for bringing in Investors and or investments. This is to ensure adequate motivation and promoting a win-win scenario approach for all stakeholders.

The aim is to boost the local economies, ensuring continuous improvement & development of  healthy competition in local production as well as standardized export of various products and commodities, strengthening corporate governance, transparency and accountability as well as improving bilateral ties.

The goal towards Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) are shaped by two principal objectives: 

  1. Desire for economic independence and the demand for economic development.
  2. Multinational corporations are expected to bring into Nigeria, foreign capital in the form of technical skills, entrepreneurship, technology and investment fund to boost economic activities thereby, raising the standard of living of Nigerians.
  3. Foriegn and local investors are expected to be creative enough to improve the quality of  Education / Primary health care of every child in the grassroots
  4. Everychild is expected to benefit from the following:
  • The physical environment for learning and play
  • Special learning environments for children with disabilities
  • Distinguish children with dyslexic behaviors
  • How teachers use play to help children learn and develop


An initiative created to provide a better investment platform to help improve the lives of the people as well as improve the economy on both sides of the investments as well as help improve profit margin and maintain the Return on investment (ROI) capital and procedures at expected rate. Partnership will attract an automatic access to partake in the Sustainable Development Scheme (SDS) projects as well as benefit immensely from it.

With the SDS initiative a direct-to-consumer business model is well defined and plays a crucial role in transforming daily business activities into less hassles and unnecessary expenses which is why IIMGC created  a multichannel, segmented model with different policies for serving consumers, corporate customers, distributors, and retailers and the underserved populations at large through its partners.

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